Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of photo works best?
We want your highest quality photo possible. Photos should be 300 dpi and in a square format or 1200 x 1200 pixels.    
Do you alter photos?
Yes we do! We straighten photos in attempts to to make walls architecturally correct, color correct and brighten to the best of our ability. We try our best to work with photos that you send, but there may be instances where we need another photo (which we will let you know).  
What is your lead time for an order?
For coaster sets where we are doing a rendering of your clients home, they generally ship within 7-10 business days from the order being placed.  Sets ordered using our designs generally ship within 5 business days of the order being placed.  
Can I get my coasters before closing?
Absolutely! If you decide to provide your coasters at the closing table, we usually recommend ordering them after a successful appraisal. Most of our clients, however, decide to send the gift post closing. Continued Closings provides a notification email when your coasters have shipped. This allows you to time a follow up call to the clients correctly, and of course, always ask for a referral! The first few weeks after closing are always hectic for a buyer or seller, so the extra call from you to check in and see how things are going is always appreciated! 
Can I choose where to send my coaster sets? 
Yes you can! You can have them sent to yourself or shipped directly to your client anywhere in the U.S. 
Do you only sell coasters?
At this time, yes. We have found that drink coasters offer the highest level of repeat and referral business compared to other gifts. Unlike other closing gifts that are usually tucked away in a kitchen drawer or consumed once then thrown away, coasters provide not only a valued memory but last forever! These gifts are also typically used by both the client themselves, and their friends and family during home visits. This is just another great way to get your name and brand in front of more potential clients! 
I am a broker, how would this benefit me?
Great question! This personalized coaster set can be used in a variety of ways within a brokerage. The brokerage can decide to have branded sets with their logo or city scape photos only to provide to agents or there are other co-branding opportunities. As a broker, we know you are always looking for the best techniques and practices to share with your agents. With our coaster sets you have the opportunity to co-brand not only your brokerage but the agent as well to past and future clients. 
I don't want to use my logo, Do I need to upload one?
Absolutely not! If you decide you would like to leave off your logo during the set up process just select "no logo provided."
Are these tax deductible?
We recommend always checking with an accountant, however, whenever a logo is placed on a piece of artwork it typically is now 100% tax deductible! 
What is your Return Policy?
You may receive a refund for any unused banked coaster inventory for up to 45 days.  A service fee of 10% of the total will be deducted from any refund issued.  Orders are non-refundable after 45 days.
Due to the custom nature of our product, orders are non-refundable after they have been produced at our facility.  We will remake an order if there is an error on our part.  If the error is your part the order can be remade at the lowest retail price available in the bulk pricing section plus shipping.